As she left indian religious pictures the parking lot, Anna's thoughts drifted to memories about the last few months

This adventure had started way back, when Anna went to watch only sexy urdu indian the LA Lakers in the NBA finals last year. Enrique had been able to fix some tickets for exorbitantly expensive seats, about as close as possible to the field. He saw it as a great investment in public visibility. It was still hot between them back then, she remembered. But thinking back, it also struck her that it could actually have been that very same day that things began to go downhill. The smile on her face only fainted momentarily. Anna had found out more than enough reasons in the mean time to realize that their current, temporary break-up wasn't such a bad thing after all

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Anyway, as they were photo s of indian people watching the match, after about ten minutes our Russian beauty had experienced a "revelation." Not a religious one, but an *erotic* revelation. The man who joined the game at that moment had literally made her jaw drop and made her feel strange in her belly. Most of the players were big and powerful, but THIS guy was in a class of his own. He awakened feelings in Anna that she had never expected to be there. Feelings that even shocked her to some degree. His colossal appearance, one big black shiny block of muscles, reminded her of... It reminded her of something she barely dared to think of, and it wasn't human for sure!

The next hour or so, indian bollywood free porn galleries Anna concentrated on his muscles in motion. The cables that were running over his arms and legs. His powerful charges with which he blew away any opponent, sometimes three in one go! It was an awesome display of force and power. A man who made a girl feel SAFE. Not some wimpy Latino Casanova-wannabe!

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From time to teen indian model time, he would return to the bench, sitting just a few feet from her. He seemingly covered almost her entire field of vision with his impressive bull-neck

Anna didn't remember who won the game that night. indian bollywood starts porno But in her mind, there was no doubt!

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Obtrusive honking of a big boobs blog indian car-horn forced Anna back into the present. Annoyed, she looked at the car in the lane next to her

"Olé chica! Oleeeeey! Aye caramba, want to indian big booty join our little party?

A bunch of Latino machos, sexy indian forum all but the driver hanging half out of the car windows, were cheering and whistling at her. They were clearly piss drunk as hell. She had concealed her identity, but certainly not her divine looks! She still looked as nubile as they come. And it worked like syrup works for all kinds of flying vermin..

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That's how things always went when she ended up in pussy of indian actress yet another traffic jam. The LA roads were no different from Florida in that respect. At least, at home she had the Porsche. But the powerhouse in the back that she so often used to get rid of morons like these wasn't of any use in a traffic jam anyway.

"You lookin' lonely, senorita. Why aerial photo mississippi choctaw indian reservation not come with us? You like! Tequila, tequila!

What a bunch of indian desi models retarded morons! Almost as she decided to go into "total ignore" mode, she realized she had to take the first upcoming exit. Immediately, Anna's mischievous side took the upper hand and came up with a naughty plan

"Caramba, baby! Your indian girls having naked gringo is one lucky bastardo! Hahaha.

Some temperaments free indian xxx sex were seriously overheating. Time to blow their fuses

After checking that the exit was completely free, Anna made indian girls with big tits sure to remain side by side with the car of the annoying gang. Instead of acting like they didn't exist, she played the card of provocation; the guys burst out in ever louder cheering when she turned towards them and suggestively licked her lips indian girls with big tits free indian pussy pics

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"MADRE mature nude indian women DIOS. Come play with us, senorita! indian spicy pictures

Then, at nude indian actress pritizinta the very last moment, Anna not only lifted her shirt up, but immediately afterwards also took off her glasses, and winked

It was comical how the tough bunch silenced completely in nude american indian utter astonishment indian fucking big tits free indian models sex

Anna stuck out her tongue as the final indian xxx sex stories and xxx movies number of her little show and yanked her steering wheel to the right. With full throttle, she left the highway behind. In the rear-view mirror, she could see how one of the guys landed with his face flat on the blacktop.

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She couldn't help bursting indian cream babes out in laughter, barely able to breathe! It was good for the poor guy that they were almost standing still when he lost balance, hanging out of the window

When her belly finally calmed down, she wiped nude indian celebs the tears from her eyes indian wedding photos male indian models

"Damn that was fun. That trinidad naked indian men was REALLY fun.

Even if the rest didn't work out as indian sex 365 planned, she would still have enjoyed her share of thrills today indian call girls in bangkok

"Yup Murzik baby, indian adult movies you still have a naughty side!" she spoke to herself. "Maybe you should do this more often.

If it wouldn't have been so why indian women have sleek beautiful hair awkward, she would have loved to even flash them her pussy. Now THAT would have been something. As for the risk of it getting public, it was so surrealistic that nobody would believe them anyway tlingit indians free indian erotic pictures

Anna knew all too well that she was one hot little sexy american indian girls number, and she had always enjoyed a tease. She loved to tan topless in the backyard when her cousin Iwan was on visit. To watch him drool all over her each time was a delight. One could swear the bulge in his swimming pants got bigger with every next family visit! One day, she would put him out of his misery, she pondered. But first he had to simmer a little longer in his own boy-cum. He was still a bit too young, but once he would reach the age of some of the ball boys she had seduced, it would be rather unfair to not grant a family member the same as them, wouldn't it? (*note: read the author's first Anna story to learn more

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After that exciting free indian nude pics evening in LA, she had found out that she wasn't the only female with secret fantasies about this awesome hunk. For example, the ladies on the exhibition tour she was playing, because of her injury, turned out to be surprisingly well informed about him; many a giggle was exchanged in the dressing rooms while they talked about his 7"1 and 340 lbs. About his big, skilful hands and fingers, and his athletic abilities. All properties that made these girls nervously chuckle with a glimmer of desire in their eyes. Assumptions about "certain" body parts got the biggest share of discussion, though. Picture those scenes as a bunch of fisherwomen boasting about the size of their biggest catches...

Every girl wanted Shaquille O'Neal, the imposing center of the gay indian men porn LA Lakers.

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And Shaq wanted every girl. It was the indian actress naked photo perfect symbiosis. Free market economy at its best

But none of original indian sex sites the other players had any real ambition to go beyond just dreams and fantasies. That's where Anna was different. Anna was ambitious in everything. And Anna usually got what she wanted: either through money, with a smile, or just with her looks and a "if you help me with this, you might make a chance" attitude. The Russian had also the benefit that at her level, her sport had taught her to work meticulously towards a goal

Indeed, her determination cheyenne indians past and present often stunned people who only knew her superficially. It was a determination that had its roots in more than just one breeding ground. One could point to how her parents raised her, and undoubtedly also to some genetic influence. It was not John Doe who had the guts to move from Moscow to Florida. Parents Alla and Sergey had shown great courage and persistence to endure the horrific bureaucracy. It was both an example for their daughter, and a proof of predestination

Once the dollars of prize money and, foremost, endorsements and photo-shootings indian nude actress photos free started to flood in, yet another factor became involved. All the success and idolization threatened to turn the young Anna into a spoiled brat. When you're used to getting everything, everyone and everywhere by merely issuing a command, venting a wish or faking a smile, a "no" becomes hard to swallow

Although Anna was already a few years naked indian whores beyond this almost inevitable phase in the life of a young celebrity, she still suffered from some leftover conditioned behavior. She tried hard and honestly to not lose her temper when things didn't go her way. But the nagging feelings of frustration deep inside, she couldn't eliminate completely yet. She was determined to get exactly what she wanted, no less

Not that she was often in such a position. Her erotic stories indian natural charm and beauty were spearheaded by a cute smile that made men, bar none, melt on the spot. Not only figuratively, but sometimes also literally, since some seemed to actually PRODUCE a spot in her presence. As a result, she was treated like a princess, and words like "no", "difficult" and "impossible" were almost extinct in Anna Kournikova-land

Nearly the same had happened to the word small indian pussy "wish.

Anna still used it, but somehow it had become an empty nude pics of indian women word for her. Whereas ordinary people reserved the term for really special occasions or desires (and had an abundance of unfulfilled ones), the Russian had a hard time to still come up with one. Whenever she saw a falling star, she just gave up trying after a few minutes

It had dawned american indian pussy jpg on her only a few months ago. One day, she was surfing the Net when she stumbled upon a list of things people absolutely loved to experience, at least once in their lives. #1 on the list was, by quite some margin, "swimming among dolphins." An eerie feeling struck her when reading this. It was precisely what she had done a few years ago already, at the age of 17, in the Melbourne Zoo. Yet another sponsor gift during a Grand Slam. Could this be any more symbolic

She had fat indian porn pics also flown a MIG jet airplane. She had petted a tiger. She had met the President of the United States in person. She had worked with the best photographers in the world in the most exotic locations. She had worn creations of the top couturiers. She had driven an Indy car and even a bob sledge. The list went on and on..

Had she ALREADY consumed the indian women gallery icing on the cake of life

There had been plenty of indian homemade remedies for beauty examples of other people, in such a position, who had reverted to drugs or even suicide in extreme cases. Strange things can happen in the heads of people who thought they had seen it all

And indeed, the months that followed hadn't free indian men clips been the happiest in Anna's young life. Those few targets she had still set, like winning a tournament for once, seemed elusive now that she was hit by injuries and the evolution in women's tennis. Objectively speaking, there was still hope. But since she had attached herself to 'Latin Lover' Enrique Iglesias, it had become harder to focus on her game. She had unconsciously scrapped a tournament victory from her list of remaining wishes. Instead, she now focused on... Yes, on what? Nobody, including Anna herself, seemed to have a clue sometimes. But in the new biotope Enrique dragged her into, this seemed the norm. Spicing up celebrity parties and 'being noticed' in general, raised your status in those circles

Indeed, she seemed to focus on her indian sucking cock fame instead of her game

For a while she beautiful indian ladies had joined her new flame in that artificial rollercoaster, but it was hardly satisfying in the long term. It only made her mind go number and number, her joy in life becoming smaller and smaller. Smiles were still there, but only in front of the camera and after considerable effort

But then, indian free sex thumbnail there was that night at the Lakers..

For the first time in a indian voyeur pics long period, Anna had felt her heartbeat speed up. Her hand palms became sweaty. A blush of excitement appeared on her puffy cheeks... and between her legs it got rather soppy

That's when she realized, in a flash, that the Internet poll sexy indian female lesbians had only covered the 'politically correct' desires. There was ANOTHER list, in the back of the heads of people. She knew all too well she figured on many of those lists herself. And the top entry on her personal secret wish list was parading in front of her, on the field

What she also indian adult rape movies trailers realized was that this wish was not a matter of simply asking or demanding from her staff. This had to be WORKED for. This needed a PLAN. FOCUS. A new challenge to put her teeth into. JUST what she needed

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Anna stopped for traffic lights and tried hot indian bitches to concentrate on the directions. That's harder than you think when you're horny! On days like this, when she had her mind set on sex, almost anything seemed to trigger her. Recalling memories about Shaq, her little adventure with the Latino gang, combined with the stimulating feeling of her bare pussy against the fabric of her shorts had all accumulated and started to improve the blood circulation around certain private areas. And Anna felt her blood was not the only body juice that was streaming well

This girl was glowing in anticipation! Even on indian sexy married woman a cold winter's day she would have been sweating

The fact indian porn images that one of those Latinos on the freeway had, from a distance, actually resembled Enrique a bit (or was it her sexed-up mind playing tricks?) didn't help. Yeah, they had decided to give each other a little freedom. But she had fallen for his looks in the first place and still had a soft spot for his type. Taste, even BAD taste, doesn't change overnight

Her crush on her newfound Black Stallion was of indian sex free galary a different order still; while she could at least IMAGINE Enrique as the father of her offspring, her new obsession was merely the work of the Selfish Horny Gene inside her

Soon after her desire had indian pornstar started materializing, she had worked out her strategy and undertaken the first steps. That was after discarding her initial idea to infiltrate the "Lakers Girls," the traditional cheerleader club of the Lakers. She realized she was too famous to make THAT plan work. And besides, she probably would be fucked by all the other players, too, in that case. She wouldn't really mind with most of them, but still..

But it was via uk indian porn those Lakers Girls that Anna got the bulk of the information that she was going to need. Naturally, she started attending as many Lakers' games as possible, and took every opportunity to socialize with the unofficial players' harem. They turned out to be quite nice girls, really. They couldn't quote Shakespeare or name two South American countries, let alone dance, but they were great at smiling artificially and giving head! They also sucked at saying "NO." Careful interrogations showed Anna that every single one of them had joined the Girls via the same procedure. Now all she had to do was to follow the same recipe..

And it looked indian hot bikinis like she was a perfect ingredient

Step one consisted of showing indian naked gay men up to cheer the players' cars after a training or match, in scanty textile. Usually, there would be a large group of semi-naked girls crowding around the exit of the Lakers' training centre parking lot. The parade of limos, Rolls, SUVs and Italian sports cars would then drive by at a snail's pace and invite chicks by stopping at their height. One simply had to look plain gorgeous and/or sluttish enough to be noticed

That indian sex actressess part couldn't go wrong in her eyes

Step two? Step two took place in the backseat and was indian models nude gallery for most not only a means, but also the eventual goal. Naturally, Anna was no different in that respect, and again had no doubts about the positive outcome. She just had to make sure that only the front car would stop, since this was the Shaqmobile, of the man who had naturally imposed himself to draft his fuck toys first in line

free thumb pics indian "SHIT. Why are these damn printouts always so confusing!

Anna had pulled the car to fuck her throut indian the side of the road and was trying to locate landmarks on her map... in vain! Normally she was driven wherever she went and didn't have to figure out directions on her own. And it looked like she didn't have much talent for it, either. Or maybe it was just the usual female lack of orientation in our complex 3-D universe. The 2-D map proved challenging enough already, as illustrated by her frustrated sighs

The sound of ticking against the windshield made young free indian porn her look up

"Having indian women naked gallery problems, miss?

A police officer was peeking indian slut sucking cock inside, through the open window, and probably also into her loose shirt. That was just a guess though, because of the dark glasses he was wearing

"You know you indian naked models can't park here, darling.